UKAY-Zine is a Bridge Building Tool

UKAY-Zine is a publication of the Arts non-profit Yaku. The publication bring to life the second branch of Yaku's mission:  ...to curate contemporary Art experiences  —  dedicated to exploring new ideas and new cultures  —  designed to engage local and global audiences through international exchanges.

The zine was created as a tool to connect the excitement and potential surrounding the work of Yaku and the HMC to the local and international communities. For the local community it will be a glimpse at the forms of Art and perspectives that are coming to Peoria an the international interest in Peoria that already exists. For the international community, it is a reflection of a Midwestern treasure - there is a great force nestled in Peoria, Illinois and we want the world to be excited and enticed by it. 

UKAY-Zine draws primarily from two content pools:

1) Peorian Treasures: we know there is a special kind of beauty here in our home of Peoria, Illinois, something that is strictly Peorian, something Midwestern, something good hearted and genuine that embodies a spirit of a fairy tale USA. Our goal is to shed a light on these treasures and put them on a pedestal, to celebrate their presence and share it with people around the world. 

2) The international Arts community of Yaku, or the IBA (International Body of Artists): We have already nurtured interest in Peoria and our preservation project - the Hale Memorial Church - with artists from around the world. Many of whom are ready to visit Peoria. While we are collecting the resources and building the programs to bring them to here we want to introduce Peoria to the people and the Art coming. The zine focuses on artist from near and far that will soon be participating in Art exhibits in the church and around Peoria. 


Beyond these two primary pools the zine will offer additional content streams, everything from updates on restoration, upcoming events, and a myriad of creative expressions. 

Our bridge is being built from both sides. With this website and the print publication, to be printed locally and internationally, we are stewarding anticipation from many parties. There is a growing excitement for a pilgrimage to Peoria and a yearning to explore the treasures of the Midwest. 




Yaku is a non-profit organization located in Peoria, Illinois, tasked with restoring and re-purposing the iconic Hale Memorial Church located near the heart of downtown. The building exists to nurture and house a growing 60+ member community of Artists and Art groups from around the world. The Organization will draw Artists and Artworks from the international community to curate cultural festivals and events inside the HMC. Between festivals and other Yaku programming, the HMC will be offered for use as a public facility. Yaku will also actively engage future generations and the youth through school collaborations and outreach programs to promote their community participation and cultural involvement.To learn more about Yaku click HERE.


Yaku, pronounced Yaku, \yæ - ko͞o\,   is a Quechua word, the language of the Inca people from South America, used to represent water.

Every person involved with the project,  Makers, Curators, Organizers, Volunteers, those who attend events, and everyone in between are all vital to make things happen. We consider the church as a seed and we the people are the water helping it to grow - growing to be an institution vital for the Arts and an internationally recognized monument in the City of Peoria.