natalia villanueva


natalia villanueva

SNAX are (S)mall (N)omadic (A)rtistic e(X)periences. The purpose of a SNAX is to create an experience tailored to local audiences, based on a perspective from abroad. These events are held in various locations throughout the Peoria area.

SNAX01 - Soulution 4 Vol. 2


Visitors to Natalia’s performance Art installation, Soulution 4 Vol. 2, are promptly delivered to pensive meditation per the lambent movements of nine uniquely beautiful women sewing a massive, variegated quilt.

Patched from wide meter-long rectangle sheets, the radiant quilt, draped along the walls, floor, and ceiling, forms a hollow, concave space where distended pastels shuffle in a brilliant chromatic display of gliding and drifting surfaces.

At the center of the installation the quilt unfurls atop a long table, levitates within itself and around the women, drops to the floor, and tides upon its arena an expanding and retreating shoreline before the feet of the observers.

Set aglow by lamps concealed out of sight just beyond the quilt’s thin, tissue-like walls—the electric gleam permeates the slightly transparent textile-body with warm, gold light (the lamps themselves like miniature distant suns).

Intermittently—the women spread the quilt out into the crowd of observers, glean it in, folding and rolling immensity (diastole-systole like). The shifting fabric and buzzing sewing machines produce the sounds of a shoreline (the entire room pulses, twists, and waves in soft bursts). A veritable integument of manifold reds, pinks, purples, yellows, and greens—an enigmatic, living canvas set against the air of the room, spun together by the improvisational labor of Natalia’s silent women.


Language dissipates within the quilt’s sphere. The only coherence is that of the senses, of presence, and proximity. The event itself, untranslatable. To see is to believe (to the wonder). Into this quilted space each of us become Natalia’s medium, are entwined in the soul of the quilt’s encapsulating body. Together, the quilt, women, and visitors paint something more powerful than a museum of static masterpieces—together we relish in a living poem, a painter’s infinite brushstroke.


Words by Will Ankrum

Performers:  Brittney Ferrero, Christine Knuerr, Mandi Coombs, Jenny Foster, Christine Yuri, Caitlin Keturi, Angela Baldus