Jérémy Berton was born in 1986 and currently lives and works in the eastern Parisian suburbs. He graduated from the Beaux Arts of Paris in 2010 where he studied sculpture. His first solo show was at the Premier Regard Gallery in Paris in May 2011. He has taken part in many collective shows, including: Trois en Un, la sculpture, Camille Lambert Art Center, Juvisy, Grand huit at l’Entre deux in Pantin, Parade Quincy Abbaye, and Cok Mersi in Istanbul, Turkey.


In the beginning of this work I used swimming pool noodles made out of foam. I twisted them in an attempt make knots and to have them perform sort of gymnastic feats. The wheel appeared later, randomly, as I came across an old car tire abandoned in the studio. It revealed itself as an ideal plinth and prop. I removed the details from it, made a cast of it, and it became the support for the noodles’ acrobatics. I divided the pieces into two colored areas (in a quite arbitrary way) using color pencils. The color creates a kind of balance among the forms. This series of sculptures has been realized between November 2014 and December 2015. They will be shown in my next solo show at the Pavillon de Pantin in January 2017.

Through my sculpture work, using a wide range of materials, I develop objects that stand between abstract and figurative images. Scales, materials, and forms are the pieces of a game of construction and balance. I borrow images to transform them and activate them in space. The imagery grows through collisions, random intuitions, and shiftings as I juggle with signs from different sources. Combining heterogenous elements, such as the profane and the sacred, pop and minimal Art, popular culture and Art history, I aim for simple forms with a direct visual effect and sense of humour.  

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