We are diving into the foothills of a great endeavour, one poised to take us high above the clouds. Our work is rooted in two primary themes: continuation and education. We work to learn and lead beyond through our efforts, explorations, collaboration, and evolution—we strive to see beyond our knowings and doings. The vessel that chose us for this adventure was built long before our time, so we pour ourselves into discovering the intentions of the creators and to continue their work: one part Historical Preservation, one part Art.

The vessel, a church, was completed at the turn of the century. It was built on land that overlooks the city and was to be seen first as travelers arrived from all directions. The plot, surrounded by great homes built by the wealthy and powerful lords of the day, was not used for financial gain, but as an investment in the community. As a place where people could congregate and the bonds of society could strengthen, the Hale Memorial Church was presented with aspirations of nurturing a healthy, vibrant community. While the mission has stagnated for generations, it continued to evolve in the subterranean. We’ve uncovered it. Within the building, some original fruits of intention can be seen and felt, but there is something new, something that remains nestled in the foundations of community, reborn with a new air—a sensation that is saturated in Awe yet wrapped in invitation. We are building a platform that will nourish the founders’ design and allow all people to enter and experience the space.

Our journey into Art is one of exploration and balance. We search the globe for new forms of Art—creative expression that is beyond what we know as creativity. Along with the outward search, we do an inward study of the community’s creative palate, evaluating opportunities for evolution. With knowledge of both, we are building bridges that will connect the world beyond ours to our home. Over these bridges, people, ideas, perspectives, creativity, and Art will travel. We will introduce to the world the great strength and integrity of Peoria, and to our local community we will introduce a world of new colours to brighten our own world. In its root meaning, education is to show what is beyond; through this exchange, we will introduce the communities, local and abroad, to a new way of seeing life and Art.

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