Marion Bénard was born in 1987 in Chatenay Malabry, France. A graduate of Beaux Arts de Paris in 2012, she now lives and works in between Paris and Montreuil. Her first solo exhibition was held in May 2016 at Graphem Gallery in Paris as part of the 60th Salon de Montrouge.

01_-La Chasse Aux Papillons (Butterflies Hunting)- Fly paper, butterflies variable size, 2016- (1).jpg


If some of my pieces demand a long period of patience and precision, others are readymade. Everything is appropriate: pencil, watercolor, wood, plaster, paper, fabric, objects. Everything is useful to me. In my work I play a sort of serious game centered on perceived similarities. Costume, make-up, and attitude intrigue me. Under the mask, behind the avatars, deep identities are hidden. I want to measure the attitudes of playfulness and anxiety in our human social structure. In mimesis, understudy, where is the intimate in the window (dis)play? 



Mimicry is used by the predator, the worried, the modest, and the seducer. If it reflects a survival instinct, it is also synonymous with profusion, passion, game playing, euphoria, aesthetics—this is what influences my work. When exuberance goes unnoticed, the cunning is trapped; when the animal imitates animal skin and a dead leaf refuses to fall; when the model refuses to be separate from his portrait and the apple basket from its still life; when the painting is rolled out and the sculpture spread. This reality of resistances and consistent absurdity is what I focus on in pieces where people, animals, and objects interact; all figures are either presented as actors or extras. My creations inhabit the space between the complex and the ambiguous relationships of competition, friendship, and dependencies. In this dysfunction system, filled with vagueness and fragile logic, my pieces find their balance.

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