First solo exhibition of the Photographer Heryte Tefery Tequame at Squaresquaresquare. Heryte lives and works in Paris, born in 1992 in Dallas, Texas

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"what happens" in Latin


The Space Between is an exploration of the accident - "what happens" in Latin. These are suspended moments the photographer Heryte Tefery Tequame captures during city wanderings. An observation of objects, moments and spaces that raises questions about temporalities and the construction of modernity.


Changement d’échelle, valorisation de l’accident

Located in the heart of urban life, mobility and movement are experienced and apprehended in various ways. These two engines can be homogeneous, of a great fluidity and all the opposite. They materialize through spaces and objects that concentrate an element that is common to them: waiting.

The photographer comes to reveal the life and the movements whose traces are scattered in the streets, the corridors of subway, the terraces of coffee that the urban individual appropriates and occupies. It cooperates with the suspended and expected moments then exploits them as states of mobility and puts forward their plastic properties.


Compositions in duel, decenter the look

Heryte Tefery Tequame also scours territories and urban objects to reveal the multiplicity of their forms, what they have been, what they are, what they can be. Working in confrontation, her objective and her eyes sculpt the materials, the colors and the densities.

The assemblages emphasize the similarities, the differences and the contrasts suggested by these enigmatic interludes. Skits composed of elements abandoned and that we do not really look anymore. The photographer invites us to take a new look at these forms and objects of the moment, in the sight of all but on which our eyes linger so little.


Suspended identity

The Space Between casts the question of human presence in spaces condensing large quantities of objects and constructions made by and for the urban individual. Objects almost seem to lead an autonomous life in total indifference. And yet.

There are very few human figures but a palpable presence emerges clichés. Does it emanate objects or an aura that radiates? Heryte Tefery Tequame immortalizes the link between the object and the person who activated it, the one who sees it and the one who will activate it later.


Text by curator Muriel Babandisha